Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Beloved Britax

If you're wondering about the Britax, I personally love it.  Benny's pretty hooked on it too.  Mind you we haven't really tried out other strollers but just on the points of difference, we love it.  I can share tricks with putting it away and such too, haha.  =P  We tried the 2nd seat with Derek's cousin and it worked pretty well.

So the differences between the Britax B-Ready and other strollers are:

- ease of handling (can be done with one hand)
- height-adjusting handle bar
- big all-access (front, sides and back!) storage
- big canopy
- one-handed smooth recline (i.e. can be done while holding another kid/food/bag without any clicking to keep baby sleeping)
- one-step brake (great for flip-flop season and to preserve leather winter boots)
- reversible seat (rear- or forward-facing)
- one-handed removable belly bar
- great shocks
- quiet peek-a-boo cover
- 2nd-seat option
- rear tire splash guards
- easy-to-adjust straps (no fumbling if bb is sleeping or whining)

These may seem small but when you're handling a kid, they become really nice things to have. The way I see it, the stroller is heavy but it helped strengthen my core a lot. There is also a good way and bad way to load a stroller, plus you can remove the seat before loading the chastity which is what I always did. Only takes 5-10 more seconds taking it off or putting it on. I put it in the passenger seat. When my husband, Benny, is around, he'll lift the whole thing into the trunk.

Here is a review for the stroller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfG2IfKyKtc

2012 updated stroller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iveu5Z3Zgwc
- the wheels seem to be the biggest difference but even w our older model, the shock system is awesome.  Love it for when Derek is napping.

And in doubles mode:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qeNTjNoEwE

Btw, I love Baby Gizmo.  Reviews on pretty much everything!!

Just a reminder too:  If you're thinking about getting this cheaper from the States, the car seat will be void in Canada as it will not have the verifying sticker needed.  Get the 2nd seat instead (if the deal is offered in the US too) if there's a good chance you'll be using it.  We got a used infant seat already so we opted for the 2nd seat when we got the deal.  =)

If weight really is a factor for you then choose the other ones. Take a look at the baby gizmo YouTube reviews for the ones you're interested in before you decide tho, and make sure the one you're watching is for the current model.

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