Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back Aches Be Gone! Keeping a Neutral Spine

Okay, this won't get rid of your back aches, at least not like a good RMT session can, but they can help you prevent them from getting worse or, after a good RMT session, prevent them from becoming anything more than an annoyance.  It's a huge reason why I've had little back issues with my second pregnancy despite being much more active.  I didn't employ it enough while pregnant with Derek but between working at Starbucks and caring for a 25-lb toddler, I didn't dare not do it! 

Here's a video that explains neutral spine for pilates & yoga.  I'd say the latter half (about the pelvic tilt) is more helpful but it doesn't hurt to get a full idea of what neutral spine is.  I tried to maintain it while walking and especially while carrying something on the heavier side during the first pregnancy but I've done it so much now that it's like breathing.

This article explains neutral spine while standing and while in motion.  Hopefully the video helps this article make better sense (just because it helps with a visual).

Hope it helps any back issues you may have, even just a bit!  Some motivation: You'll look taller just from drawing your back up straight.  By this I mean more of having a taller presence, not actual inches gained, but it does great for confidence when high heels aren't exactly our friends!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Beloved Britax

If you're wondering about the Britax, I personally love it.  Benny's pretty hooked on it too.  Mind you we haven't really tried out other strollers but just on the points of difference, we love it.  I can share tricks with putting it away and such too, haha.  =P  We tried the 2nd seat with Derek's cousin and it worked pretty well.

So the differences between the Britax B-Ready and other strollers are:

- ease of handling (can be done with one hand)
- height-adjusting handle bar
- big all-access (front, sides and back!) storage
- big canopy
- one-handed smooth recline (i.e. can be done while holding another kid/food/bag without any clicking to keep baby sleeping)
- one-step brake (great for flip-flop season and to preserve leather winter boots)
- reversible seat (rear- or forward-facing)
- one-handed removable belly bar
- great shocks
- quiet peek-a-boo cover
- 2nd-seat option
- rear tire splash guards
- easy-to-adjust straps (no fumbling if bb is sleeping or whining)

These may seem small but when you're handling a kid, they become really nice things to have. The way I see it, the stroller is heavy but it helped strengthen my core a lot. There is also a good way and bad way to load a stroller, plus you can remove the seat before loading the chastity which is what I always did. Only takes 5-10 more seconds taking it off or putting it on. I put it in the passenger seat. When my husband, Benny, is around, he'll lift the whole thing into the trunk.

Here is a review for the stroller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfG2IfKyKtc

2012 updated stroller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iveu5Z3Zgwc
- the wheels seem to be the biggest difference but even w our older model, the shock system is awesome.  Love it for when Derek is napping.

And in doubles mode:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qeNTjNoEwE

Btw, I love Baby Gizmo.  Reviews on pretty much everything!!

Just a reminder too:  If you're thinking about getting this cheaper from the States, the car seat will be void in Canada as it will not have the verifying sticker needed.  Get the 2nd seat instead (if the deal is offered in the US too) if there's a good chance you'll be using it.  We got a used infant seat already so we opted for the 2nd seat when we got the deal.  =)

If weight really is a factor for you then choose the other ones. Take a look at the baby gizmo YouTube reviews for the ones you're interested in before you decide tho, and make sure the one you're watching is for the current model.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Launching the site!

In my two years and 4 months of being a mom, I've come across many other moms - in line at the store, at a coffee shop, mostly in nursing rooms.  While I am nowhere near an expert on anything, I've found that I've been able to give some tips and suggestions that I've received from other moms and my readings.  Sometimes I don't know if it was a blessing or a curse that I got an iPhone just before Derek, my 2-year-old, was born because I spent so much time researching things!

After Kristen was born, I began to seriously consider gathering what I've learned and putting it up on a blog.  Given that I'm still quite a new mom, I won't have all the answers or even very thorough ones but if my thoughts can help one mom out there or at least get a discussion going, why not?

On that note, I welcome any comments, tips and suggestions but I will post at my discretion.  Please don't feel offended if I don't post something from you!  I most likely will, at the very least to provide perspective, but as this isn't a forum and I'm not aiming to run an "expert" blog, I will focus on the information I have already planned on posting.  I also have two kids to take care of and may have only enough of a Mommy Brain to appreciate your reply but not process how to use it!  =)

As this site/blog is still new, it's quite bare.  If you do click around, you'll find some scribbles of topics and such.  These are notes for future postings I'd like to make so I've put them up there to remind me - and to keep me accountable to actually post!  If you would like to hear from any of those topics, please comment on this post and I'll work on those first.  =)

My first official post will come up on May 14, 2013, the day of our wedding anniversary (eight years already!).  I plan to post once a week from then on so keep an eye out for something every Tuesday!  The first post will be on the Britax B-Ready, a stroller my friends can stop hearing from me about already.  Hopefully my writing it down will help in that department!

Looking forward to sharing,