Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Wishes for My New Squish

**Interrupting baby wearing posts with wishes. =P We've only got 6.5 weeks to go; 3.5 weeks if the trend of 1-week (Derek) and 2-weeks (Kristen) early. =O**

Middle of week 33 of pregnancy with my wish list for our upcoming squish! Yes, I'm picky about what we get, because I've thought out which products will work for us and which won't. We don't want extra stuff lying around because with 2 kids, we've got enough of that! We're open to suggestions but please don't be offended if we say no.

No, you're not obligated to get us a gift because you know us, because you're coming to visit, or because you're family. Gifts are great but not when it's given reluctantly or because one feels one "has to give something".

That said, any of these would help us out, and reasons are given below each item to help those wanting to give something decide how to contribute to calming our chaos. =D We have a registry with Babies R Us (#61268472), some of which are listed below. I've separated the items between necessities and nice-to-haves, altho we should have enough from previous kids to make do with already.

Again, no obligation to gift! Besides, I like making wish lists. A dreamer, am I. =)


aden + anais - hooded towel, "giraffe"
- This would just be a luxury to have, so if you want to indulge us a little, this would be a great item.

aden + anais - swaddleplus in "jungle jive" or "wild about giraffe"
- nice and breathable for summer swaddling!
- if you think we're having a girl, I like "oh girl!" or "girls-n-swirls" prints. The other ones are too girly. =P

Braun - ThermoScan Ear Thermometer
- We have a thermometer but this would be great to have for accuracy and speed.

Crayola - My First Crayola stampers
- easy crafty things for the older kids

Crayola - Paint Brush Pens 5-pieces
- 1 set per older sibling for crafty crafts!

Infantino - Grow-With-Me Activity Gym and Ball Pit
- Has a mesh "fence" to keep toys in but most importantly, to keep Derek and Kristen's rolling toys out and away from baby!

LeapFrog - Mr. Pencil
- Older kids don't get to use apps much but when they do, this would be a great addition to our LeapFrog stash!

LeapFrog - Doc McStuffins
- A gift from Baby to older sister. =)

LeapFrog - World Map
- A gift from Baby to older brother

Little Tikes - Fold 'n' Store picnic Table
- This would be so awesome to have if/when we have more kids over for the older siblings


aden + anais - burpy bib, single
- Got these for Kristen and LOVE how they cover as either a bib or burp cloth. K still uses these for dinner time!
- Gender neutral prints like turtle or monkey are perfect

Aleva Naturals - Bamboo Baby Wipes
- Keepin' that bum clean! Lavender or sensitive ones, we've used both before.

Babies R Us - Monkey Changing Pad Cover
- Need to replace to tattered ones.

Dr. Brown's 2-Pack 4oz standard glass bottle
- If NewBbb takes the bottle, these would be awesome to have!

Koala Baby - 3-pack hooded towels Green Turtle/Duck
- gender neutral!
- I have a feeling we'll be behind on laundry a good number of times, so we could use some extra towels.

Kushies - Cradle/change Table pad sheet
- For those time when a spill happens but we don't have the time/hands to change the pad cover. We have one and it's so great to have!

Lansinoh - nursing pads, 60 pack
- We need to stock up on these!!

Lansinoh - lanolin
- I thought I could keep these from previous nursing times but they're all smelling bad. =(

Piccolo Bambino - washcloths
- Derek and Kristen use theirs at the table now as napkins, so NewBbb will need his/her own!

Thyme Maternity - panties in medium
- Sorry if it's TMI, but pregnancy and post-partum mom will need more of these!

Thyme Maternity - soft cup nursing bra
- Sorry if it's TMI, but my older ones are wearing out.

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