Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back Aches Be Gone! Keeping a Neutral Spine

Okay, this won't get rid of your back aches, at least not like a good RMT session can, but they can help you prevent them from getting worse or, after a good RMT session, prevent them from becoming anything more than an annoyance.  It's a huge reason why I've had little back issues with my second pregnancy despite being much more active.  I didn't employ it enough while pregnant with Derek but between working at Starbucks and caring for a 25-lb toddler, I didn't dare not do it! 

Here's a video that explains neutral spine for pilates & yoga.  I'd say the latter half (about the pelvic tilt) is more helpful but it doesn't hurt to get a full idea of what neutral spine is.  I tried to maintain it while walking and especially while carrying something on the heavier side during the first pregnancy but I've done it so much now that it's like breathing.

This article explains neutral spine while standing and while in motion.  Hopefully the video helps this article make better sense (just because it helps with a visual).

Hope it helps any back issues you may have, even just a bit!  Some motivation: You'll look taller just from drawing your back up straight.  By this I mean more of having a taller presence, not actual inches gained, but it does great for confidence when high heels aren't exactly our friends!

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