Sunday, June 9, 2013

I have no clue how those mommy bloggers do it!

Okay, so even with setting up timed posts I'm really bad at maintaining a blog.  I'm trying to find ways to be more motivated to posting - I mean, I want to post, but at the end of the day I feel like I only have enough brain cells to be passive (e.g. watch tv, paint my nails, etc) instead of put down in writing (typing?) all the ideas and thoughts I'd like to share.

Hopefully this angle will work.  I'm going to try a theme for each day of the week.  I'll unfold them as I go along.  For today, Sunday, we'll have "Silly and Spiritual", which will not necessarily be overlapping themes, more like I wanted to use some alliteration to keep things somewhat memorable and catchy. =P  So Sunday posts may have something silly, or spiritual, or one of each, or something that encompasses both.

Okay, so enough explaining!  I really do complicate simple things, don't I?  =P  Here's a "spiritual" post that I've already posted on Facebook but would love to get the message out of Christian and his mom... whose name I've forgotten!  How horrible.  But I think she'd say it's more important to know of her son than her... not that she's any less important as she's doing such a great job of raising him! (*just found that it's Lacey Buchanan.  She also has a blog,

Here's what I posted on Facebook, and the corresponding video.  If you cry at tear-jerker movies, grab a box of tissue and hug your kids close.  And as Lacey says in her blog, praise God for the child, the life, that you have been gifted with.

As glad as I am that my two children formed well in the womb, my mind always wanders to "What if?", hope I would have the mental and emotional stamina to deal with the other possibilities, and my heart goes out to those whose children came out differently. Watch this video and reflect on how you may treat cute babies vs not as cute, girl vs boy, "good"/easy-going vs "naughty"/active, and remember that no matter what, each of us are made in the image of God and are worthy, valuable and beautiful to Him and, therefore, to us.

How About You? Have you met any extraordinary moms?  Are you dealing with an extraordinary situation?  Have you caught yourself treating some kids differently because they aren't what you would prefer or hold as ideal?

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