Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesdays: Layering

FLast week I mentioned H&M being one of my preferred stores for inexpensive yet stylish shirts which allow me to nurse without fumbling about too much.  The next day, I stumbled across a $7 shirt sale of semi-opaque, texture-patterned layering t-shirts!  They are perfect to go over tank tops that don't cover the wide nursing bra straps enough with a neck hole flexible enough to allow nursing access (although to keep from disfiguring the shirt too much while I'm out I pull it up if Kristen isn't fussing much).

As with all cheap things I find which will get a lot of use, I scooped these up in multiple colours after trying them on and settling on a flattering (enough) size.  I got one in black, grey-blue, peach, and white.  The only 2 things I don't like about them is that a) they are hang-dry; and b) they have those annoying straps to help keep the shirt's shape when hanging.  Since these will be stuffed - I mean, nicely folded into a drawer, I'll cut them off and save myself the embarrassment of having them flap around (or just the plain annoyance of them tickling me as I go about my day!).

As it's late right now, I can't take a good picture of them so I'll do that when it's day light.  Or, you could just go to your nearest H&M store and check these out for yourself. At $7 a pop, they may not be around much longer!

A bit more about layering: I find this to be a great way of looking less frumpy and a bit more stylish, if done well enough.  It also allows for me to extend the mileage of my separates into other seasons and maximize my wardrobe as I mix and match various combinations.  Right now these shirts are going over tank tops but come fall (or cooler summer days, which we've gotten a good dose of already!), I'll switch the tanks for some long sleeve t-shirts instead.

How about you?  Do you have any tricks for dressing easily without looking (too) frazzled?  Any items in your closet you find flatters your post-partum shape?

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