Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travelling Tuesday - or not?? STROLLER RECALL!

Sorry for the lack of posts and this lazy one.  I've had naps instead of actual sleep the last few nights so I end up a bit of a zombie in the evenings.  Here is an important post, however, and please pass this on to your other parent friends whether they have this stroller or not because they may be considering this purchase.

Please follow this link to the Baby Gizmo post but in sum, Kolcraft is recalling 96,000 strollers due to a potential projectile hazard.

"Hazard: The inner tube of the tire on the Jeep Liberty stroller made by Kolcraft can rupture causing the wheel rim to fracture and fly off as a projectile, posing a risk of bodily injury and property damage."  ~Hollie Schultz @ Baby Gizmo

If you haven't been by the Baby Gizmo site before it's worth taking a surf through.  If I ever wonder about a baby product, I check out Hollie's reviews first, especially her videos.  It was her review of the Britax B-Ready that convinced me to get it (after which I still did a lengthy comparison research myself but couldn't convert myself to love another stroller!).  So far no recalls, or at least none that I know of...!!

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