Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Exiting the home with two or more kids

Travelling and Toys will be topics of discussion for Tuesdays.  For this week, it'll be travelling.

So I have barely made it out of the home with both my kids in tow, by myself.  It's been 5 months since Kristen was born and I still haven't really mustered up the energy to do so!  Mind you, Derek hasn't been pooping well so sticking around home has been our M.O. lately.  Today may be a different day, however, as he has pooped two days in a row allowing for him to be more comfortable and therefore, more agreeable.

One thing I was waiting for was Kristen's eating and napping schedule to be more apparent before stepping out with both of them.  It has now so I'm waiting for the best combination of weather, my energy and my wake-up time to head out the door.  I did try it once in the winter time with a post-partum doula, Shawna (who was awesome, by the way, and I would totally recommend her if you're looking for pre-natal, birthing or post-partum help) but it wasn't the greatest weather given it was in early March and that I chose to take a shorter route that ended up being fairly icy.  Not the best when wearing an infant in near-freezing temperatures and a toddler who's never walked on ice!  But I made it with Shawna's help and since then have made it down to the condo play room but that's about it.

We'll see how today's possibility goes.  And by today I really mean tomorrow since I'm timing the posting of this... post.  Publishing!  That's what I mean.  =P  So yah, I'm actually typing this Monday night for a Tuesday posting.  Mondays are supposed to be makeup and hair (oh vanities!) but I kinda missed that so I'll have to put something up next week.  Anyhoo, I'm mainly trying to get myself to post every day.  More substantial posts will be coming, I promise!

In the mean time... any other parents out there delaying a multi-kid outing?  How are you dealing with it and when do you plan to venture out with 2+ little ones?  For those who already have, please share your experiences with us!  Doesn't matter if they were "bad" ones, it'll give us all a good laugh and hopefully help us prepare for the worst, or at least some of it.  =P

Derek and Kristen after 6 weeks of being siblings

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