Sunday, June 23, 2013

Foody Thingies: Nuby infant spoons

Kristen will be starting solids soon (although I think she can start now and I'm delaying because nursing is so much simpler than solids!) so I've started gathering supplies.  The spoons we used for Derek are worn and a tad smelly as the soft plastic has retained some food odours.  I loved them, the Tommee Tippee explora heat sensing spoons, but thought I'd give the Nuby ones I try because they have a smaller tip.

I broke them out of the package to wash them and waited to see how the tips would change colour.  I'm a nerd for science-y things. =P  I waited... waited... turned the water higher... higher... then the highest heat setting we had and still, no change!  Finally the coloured area started changing to white, but not after I'd been running the hottest tap water setting for 5 seconds over the spoons!  Below is a picture of the spoons after they've changed colour.

Here is the package they come in, advertising the change in tip colour if the food is too hot.

And finally, the back with instructions.  It notes that to detect if the food is too hot, stir the spoon around in the food then check to see if the tip has changed.

Maybe I'm spoiled by Tommee Tippee but I expected it to change not long after it makes contact with the food, not after I've been stirring for 15 seconds.  Regardless, it took a much higher temperature than I would allow for even my food to change, let alone for a baby!

Thankfully they weren't that much and I do prefer the longer handle... which leads me to remember that one of the great features of the Tommee spoons is that they are designed such that the bowl of the spoon doesn't touch the table when it's laid down.  Le sigh... I'll use these in the beginning and have them around but it seems we'll be going back to Tommee again!  I'll spew my love for this brand at another date.  =)

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