Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reminders of Aging...

Looking at yesterday's post, it wasn't really that short of a post, haha.  Today's will be.  Just finished watching a bit of Avengers on Blu-Ray and I'm feeling pretty off,  like slightly motion-sickness off.  I felt this when watching Life of Pi but I think it's my eyes straining to keep up with the detail in HD that's causing me to feel a bit sick afterwards, especially if there's a lot of action.

With that, I'll just leave you with my reflection that I'm accepting my body's adjustment to another year added to my life.  I may have to keep action movies to SD and "waste" HD on slower-paced movies!  =P

Oh, and today was for "Healthy Thursday", in case anyone's actually keeping track.  It is healthy for my emotional health to accept aging gracefully!  And on that note, off to bed I go.

How about you?  What have you noticed about your body adjusting to growing older?  What have you been able to accept gracefully?  What are you still working on?

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