Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wardrobe Wishes

Sorry, this will be a short post!  I almost forgot to post and was about to head to bed when I remembered so to respect my need for sleep and my commitment to post daily, I'll put up a short blurb today.

One delight that's been taken away when I roam around a mall is the possibility of buying much of anything due to a) my new and ever-changing body shape, and b) the unlikelihood of nice clothing surviving a day without having some form of food, pre- or post-digested, on it.  Perhaps, though, it's a blessing in disguise: now I can look at clothes wistfully without having to crunch numbers about whether I can afford it!  Makes window shopping a lot easier, in a sense.

What's become my best fabric friend, however, is jersey or anything stretchy.  I do have some Thyme Maternity shirts and while they are more stylish than Motherhood/Destination Maternity, now that I'm more than 8-weeks post-partum I find that they look more mumsy than I'd prefer.  I can't say that wearing jersey on a roly-poly figure is miles better but I feel more... normal, for lack of a better word (which I kind of hate using but I'm not going to get into a debate about what's normal for a woman to feel and beg you to understand what I mean without splitting hairs).

Items I've found useful, even as I'm still nursing, are basics from H&M and stretchy tops from Joe Fresh.  They can usually get me looking somewhat stylish without seeming like I'm trying too hard.  And they're not hard on the wallet too.  As a result, I have tank tops in at least half the colours offered at H&M. =P Some thin long-sleeve T-shirts from Joe Fresh are serving as home/night clothes, due to them being a little thinner and therefore more see-through than I'm comfortable with.  I did layer them under other shirts during colder days.  I've found them incredibly useful and wish I had more!

How about you? Have you had any clothing finds which make you feel more comfortable post-partum and while nursing?  Do you still keep pants of smaller sizes hoping you'll fit into them soon?

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