Saturday, August 31, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training! - Morning Day 1

We got through it!  4 wet pairs and 1 pooed pair later, we're at nap time.  2 accidents happened after lunch when he was absorbed with colouring, no more than 5 minutes after a previous pee.  Quite a bit of pee at that!

5 underwear down (1 is in the sink), 20 more to go!

He caught one pee after being tucked into bed, then tried to huddle into a corner to poop. That was a bit trickier since we usually give him time to poop on his own, although we do try to get him onto the potty when he's more agreeable.  We let him have this one in the underwear to show how dirty things get (as per Lora's instruction in her e-book) and yep, we had to clean up his legs since the poop hung low and rubbed against his thighs as we walked to the washroom, and then the toilet seat when he sat down on the potty as we took off his pants.  Fun times!  Random sharing: It was the Batman underwear that got the poop.

So far, things are looking positive.  I dare not think about the actual reality of being diaper-free, only because it makes me a bit too giddy to be effective!  Stoic I must be to get us through the next 2 days.  Benny's been really great with the positivity, reminding Derek of what we're aiming for ("Keep the underwear dry!") and not losing his patience.  Thankfully, Derek hasn't been terribly whiny - and Benny's had coffee.  =D

He gets a gold star each time he does the action.  We'll be giving him a reward after his nap for completing at least one line, which is pretty easy since he will always be sitting on the potty!

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