Saturday, August 31, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training! - Prep

Sooooooo we've arrived at Potty Training Weekend!  How fitting that it's during Labour Day weekend because it will definitely be laborious for us parents.  We've decided to try out the 3-day Potty Training by Lora Jensen.  Sounds intense but I figure go big or go home.  We (well, I) decided to download her e-book as an investment to at least help us wrap our minds around this training, even if we don't use her particular method.  I'm fairly convinced it will work, although we have a few factors working against us:

1. Derek had a major constipation problem that resolved only 2 days (Thurs) before our training day.
  We're concerned that his system may be thrown off by this recent bout and it may be another obstacle to deal with.

2. He stayed up really late the night before The Big One came out (Wed night).
  He didn't go to bed will 12:30am because he kept bouncing out to go potty.  He was trying sometimes and with his system so backed up, we couldn't ignore his "Potty!" calls.  Since then he's hopped out of bed for the littlest things, which he's never done before, making nap times and bed times rougher than usual.

3. As a result, he's also sleep-deprived.  =S

4. He had white carbs for dinner last night.
  He gets constipated with white carbs so we've switched everything to whole wheat.  We had pizza with neighbours and I didn't realize that the pie we requested for him wasn't whole wheat!  Benny usually handles his meal but was delayed at work so I was juggling Kristen and Derek and totally missed the non-whole wheat crust.  Boo me!  So Restoralax this morning to pre-emptively keep him regular.

5. We haven't wet-proofed his play area.
  Given the irregular nights we've been having because of his constipation, our plans to take out the foam mats and replace them with a rug got derailed.  Why no mats?  Because cleaning them is a pain and a half, and there are connecting pieces between the squares, and debris underneath.... so we'll have to do that this morning.  Speaking of which, we just finished the switch!  Pictures up soon. =)

Foam mats cleared out!
Rugs in!
Derek misunderstanding and bringing out his bucket of trains to go with his tracks that we put on the sofa during the transition. =P

These are the things we have done in preparation:

1. Buy and wash underwear - 25 pairs!
2. Buy and wash extra pajamas.
3. Fit mattress with absorbent Brolly sheets (; review of these to come after potty training!).
4. Print Thomas potty training reward chart.
5. Figure out which rewards to give when (almost all trains!).

Blue Brolly sheet on, red and green sheets waiting on the sidelines.
Aaaaand time's up.  Kristen needs to nap.  Benny's about to change Derek out of his last diaper.  Wish us luck!

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