Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just checking in. Sorry it's been awhile!

My wonderful husband booked a one-night stay at White Oaks (Niagara-on-the-Lake) through TravelZoo for my birthday and I sort of lost my rhythm in preparation for that and afterwards as well.  Kristen came with us, of course, and we weren't able to enjoy all the sights and eats as fully as we normally would but hey, that's what happens when you have kids right?  The fact that we were able to get away for a night - after a month from our long-awaited 2-night vacation! - was a feat in and of itself.  No complaints at all here!

But that left me a bit thrown schedule-wise and in some ways I feel I haven't gotten back on my feet quite yet.  Coming back was like trying to play catch-up instead of enjoying the remnants of relaxation.  As such, I felt it would be irresponsible to blog while there was still much to do!  And to be honest, I'm really not motivated to do chores.  Long story short, I was never trained or disciplined to do them when younger but I can do them fairly well once I get going.  Not an excuse, just stating the fact.  I've been trying to work on that ever since we got our own place but there was always something that stalled be.  Again, not an excuse, as others would just see that as a difficulty thrown into the mix rather than being thrown for a loop, but just stating that this is where I am.  I'm trying to plow through though but honestly, it's not that easy being your own cheering team!  Husband is great but being one of those "Duh just get the job done! Isn't the tidiness reward enough??" people, he doesn't quite know how to get me clicking.

Anyhoo, this wasn't supposed to be a session to simply spill my guts (though some of you may have enjoyed that!  I'd love to hear from some empathizers....), just to check in and say hello!  I haven't forgotten to post things and will hopefully do so soon.  Tomorrow will hopefully be a day with pockets of time.  OH!! One exciting thing is that I'll be getting my hair cut tomorrow!  I'm a bit nervous as I've never been to this place but I had $30 Groupon bucks to apply towards this deal so why not?  I'll post back to let you know if I was able to find a satisfactory wash-and-go-yet-still-styleable cut for my oily-prone fine straight hair.  =D

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