Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Adventures in Potty Training! - Aft and Eve Day 1

We weren't sure how his nap was going to go, whether he'd end up sleeping at all even. Thankfully he ended up sleeping for 2.5 hrs!  These days it's usually around 1.5-2 hrs so this was a really good nap. =D

Unfortunately, Derek wasn't too happy after his nap.  He had a wet spot on the edge of the bed, wet through his shorts.  He really wanted a diaper and fought sitting on the potty but we eventually worked it out.  Whiny about playing, whiny about snacking, then settled down while I went to wash his poopy underwear.

While Benny bathed him, he actually said "Potty!" and was okay with being lifted out of the bath to sit on the regular toilet seat.  Oh, I should mention, we're not using any potty chair although we used to, we're using a potty seat which is put on top of the regular toilet seat.  We took advice from the Baby Whisperer who says that since rarely do we come across a mini toilet, why train on one?  They'll need to get used to using the regular ones.

So far his weakness is in pulling his underwear down on his own and falling asleep.  For the latter, I think he's too aware of making sure he goes to the potty so it keeps him up.  It took him awhile to go down for his nap and for night time, even though we started the bed time routine at 9:15pm (we're behind today!), he only just fell asleep at midnight. =(  We think he may have to poop but we're not leaving him to do so by himself and he's not comfortable yet on the seat.

We'll have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens!  We still have to do the night time wake up; hopefully he'll go to sleep easily enough after that. =S

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