Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kids sing the darndest things...

So Derek was picked up by Grandma today and as he waltzed (stomped) through the door in his dancing shoes (snow-covered boots), he was singing a song that hearkened back to my high school days. The nineties. A song I relate to x-nayed gyrations encouraged at the 4-room school dance that was one of Bayview Secondary's finest nights.

For fun, I invite you to pick what song he was happily grooving to. Just try to imagine him with any of these songs without laughing. I dare you. Dare you!!

I'm trying to set up the poll within this post, but in the mean time, please check it out in the right menu!

*update* No one's voted! 29 visits and not one vote! Please look to the menu on the right, towards the top. I would love to see what other people imagined my 4-year-old to be singing!

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