Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The All-important...First Post

Well, not really my first post. I was tinkering around on Wordpress (and have been for 8 months - that's how undecided I am!!) and am 95% sure I'll stick with Blogspot. I like the overall flexibility and will just have to learn some html to clean things up. If anyone wants to be my volunteer sidekick for this position, let me know!

So below is my first (and only) post from the Wordpress site, which is/was called Zombie to Mom-Me. I wanted to originally focus on hair and makeup things that I do to go from blah to... well, less blah, haha. Buuuut... I'm feeling the pressure of being a how-to site and lately, I've been going through feelings of depression and inadequacy. I just started seeing a counsellor to deal with these things - yesterday's first meet was really helpful! - so I may be able to actually post up some real how-to's. Or at least what-I-do's. Maybe that's what I'll call them!

This means this blog will change as well. As much as I want to be that cool person with all the helpful hints (which I truly believe is in there somewhere), I need to just be the person who's willing to speak up first. Hopefully along the way you'll find some coolness. Either way, I'd love to hear from you, comments or email. Yes, I'm asking for encouragement! Just hearing from someone is wonderful, so long as you aren't mean. If you're being mean, move on out. Please. With a very nice cherry on top. =D

Here we go...

Yay! Welcome to my blog! It's gonna be great! It's gonna be fun! We're going to have a baby-wonderful time! Or a mommy-wonderful time! Or a me-wonderful time! I'll fill you in on tons of tips and tricks to be the most amazeballs mom you can be with the posts of my amazeballs ideas and moments.
In between, however, I'll be posting about the days I don't want to get out of bed, or I'd like to quietly exit the front door while my kids are eating lunch and make a run for it*, or I'd spend too much time on Facebook (is that every day?), or I'm perusing the take-out menus - again! - yet begrudgingly put them back, or I'm staring at the week-old crumbs under the table (yep, you read that right, week-old).
First post - amazeballs!
You'll more likely get the latter rather than the former, but as I've read somewhere, our lives are not to be made of the mountain-highs but of the valley-mundane activities that allow us to have and appreciate the mountain-highs. This is why I've created this blog, to remind me to treasure both. If it helps others be a bit more cheerful, if only because they commiserate (or perhaps they're laughing at me instead?), then that's a great side bonus. I've delayed the start of this blog because I've wondered too much about what kind of readers I'd like to attract and what will bring up stats on my blog. I'm doing this for me, and if you'd like to join, you're very much welcome! Even if you're laughing at me, so long as you give me a virtual hug while doing so. Judgey Judgersons and Wet Blankets can move on to the next amaze-balls blog and boost their numbers instead.
And so this is it, the end of the all-important First Post. Tune in for the next post where I share a bit more about who I am. May it not sending you running away and have you hanging around for at least one more post. =)
*Of course this is said in fun; please don't take this seriously and call CAS on me! You'll come to find I'm one of the most paranoid moms out there regarding my kids and would never, ever, leave them unattended. 

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